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Bar Soap : all natural bar soap

Bath Salts : organic bath salts,

Cuddle Buddies : natural aromatherapy cuddles buddies, essential oils, no chemicals, child-sized animals

Dream Pillows : aromatherapy dream pillows, organic herbs, essential oils

Eye Pillows : all natural aromatherpy hot/cold eye pillow

Hand Pacs : description of handpac

Neck Wraps : all natural aromatherapy neck wrap with organic herbs and essential oils

Spritz, : Spritz, No More Bites, Scented, Spray, no deet, room fresheners, no chemicals, natural fly and mosquito repellents

Sachets : organic herb sachets

Salt Glows : natural exfollient, salt glow, organic herbs and essential oils

Snuggle Hugs : aromatherapy hot/cold pacs snuggle hugs

Extras : bath extras, loofa, teaballs, scoop

Wrist and Elbow Wraps : description of wristwrap and elbowpacs

Bath Teas : aromatherapyherbal bath teas, essential oils, organic herbs

Lip Balm : all natural lip balm, custom labeling available

Baby Belly Pac : description of baby belly pac

Lotion Tubes : all natural solid lotion tubes

Sugar Scrubs : description of sugar scrub, sugar scrub

Lumbar Pacs : all natural aromatherpy hot/cold pillow

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